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SCALE: 2600 FT 2

bed & wall decor

A bedroom needs a perfect headboard and bedding set up. The large and empty wall area over your bed is probably the reason something’s missing. It’s not easy to decorate the area over your bed — it’s a long and sometimes narrow area. We help you to reach the perfect setup.

vintage living room

In a small space, like this charming living room, white walls and ceilings allow an eclectic collection of vintage accessories, standout art and sculptural furniture to pop. The color palette sticks to neutral tones highlighted by soft, metallic accents. Notice the symmetry in the space that establishes a balance.


Whether for your bedroom, living room or bathroom, curtains and blinds can offer just as much to the design of a room as the furniture. Curtains can add instant coziness or grandeur. Blinds use a fraction of the fabric needed for curtains, but the variety of styles and textiles available means they don't have to fall short on impact. So head for the heading tape and give your windows some love.